Life Insurance Management Institute of the Republic of China


In order to strengthen and enhance the management expertise and performance in the life insurance industry in Taiwan, R.O.C. and as per the revision and promulgation of Commercial Association Law, Life Insurance Management Institute of the Republic of China (LIMI-ROC) has been established on December 12, 1986.

According to the fourth article of the Institute's bylaws, its main missions are as follows:

To study and research the management principles and practices applied in life insurance industry.

To enable exchange of ideas on life insurance management among members domestically and internationally.

To conduct and sponsor conferences on management related topics for life insurance industry.

To publish annual academic report, periodicals and publications on life insurance issues.

To provide consultation and suggestions upon government authorities request in regard to life insurance management issues and the enhancement of sound life insurance operations.

To honor person who makes special contributions to life insurance management.

To undertake other subjects related to life insurance management.

The Institute conducts three kinds of professional exams and endows correlated designations as well: management, underwriting, and claim.


The Institute's work is governed by three primary groups: the General Conference, the Board of Directors, and the Committees. The General Conference is represented by five kinds of members: regular members, associate members, group members, honorary members and patron members.

The major responsibilities of the General Conference includes:

Approve the establishment and amendments of the bylaws.

Approve annual plan, projects and budget for the Institute.

Approve annual financial reports.

Appoint and remove board directors and supervisors.

Dismiss Institute.

The board of Directors has 20 regular members: 15 directors and 5 supervisors. The board establishes the Institute's goals and missions. It calls for the general conference, executes the general conference's resolution. It reviews and, when appropriate, approves administrative actions made by the Committees. The president-elect of the board is the legal representative of the Institute. The institute's routine administrative works are handled by the secretary general and the secretary, both are appointed by the president.

In order to perform various missions for the development of the Institute, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, there are five committees:

  • Administration Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Underwriting & Claim Committee
  • Insurance Medicine Committee.
  • Each committee is composed of one chairman, one to two secretaries and several commissioners.

Administration Committee

This committee has the responsibility to:

provide administrative support to the holding of General Conference, board meeting and, other meetings called by the president.

  • Handle procurement and printing issues
  • Handle domestic and international public relation issues.
  • Handle benefits issues and organize events and activities for all members of Institute.
  • Summarize and coordinate annual budget and plans for all committees of the Institute.
  • Handle accounting issues.
  • Handle special works assigned by the board or requested by the other committees.
  • Education Committee

Education Committee

This committee has the responsibilities to:

Examine the entry application and qualification of the candidate members and manage the membership issues. Handle the examination issues: registration procedures, test dates, deadlines, exam textbooks, exam materials,

  • exam results, and more.
  • Support the holding of foreign exams.
  • Handle other special assignments.
  • Research Committee

Research Committee

This committee is involved in the follows:

  • Coordinate the holding of seminars, symposiums, and panel discussions.
  • Coordinate the holding of seminars, symposiums, and panel discussions.
  • Review essays, which carried in the Institute's publications.
  • Edit the books published by the Institute.
  • Edit the Institute's publications.
  • Handle other special assignments.
  • Underwriting & Claim Committee

Underwriting & Claim Committee

The missions of this committee are as follows:

  • Conduct research, provide recommendations, advises and suggestions on life insurance underwriting and claim issues for the industry.
  • promote knowledge sharing and communications on underwriting and claim issues domestically and internationally.
  • Conduct seminars and training programs for underwriting and claim professionals.
  • Handle other special assignments
  • Life Insurance Medicine Committee

Life Insurance Medicine Committee

The missions of this committee are as follows:

  • Undertake life insurance medicine research
  • Conduct case study seminars on insurance medicine.
  • provide consultation on urgent medical incidents.
  • Handle other special assignments.